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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
man carlos is a beast ... and gsp solidified himself as one of the greatest ever ..... cant argue with 7 title defences in a row .... cant argue with being ufc's biggest draw either .. sure, some are goin to say he is boring .. everyone has their opinion ... last nite he got fotn with carlos .. enough said

Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
I thought it was a great fight. At no point in the 5-rounds was I bored with the action. Georges didn't finish but he was always active on top. He didn't just hold position, he worked for more the entire time and Carlos was working just as hard.
It was an awesome fight! All though I was kind of rooting for Carlos I'm happy GSP got the W!

That's what I like about Carlos and Chael! No excuses humble in defeat!
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