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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Yes its the association...perception becomes reality. Was GSP boring last night, no he was not, BUT there are many people now so used to hearing the words GSP and Decision and in their minds through very good reasons, they dont want to spend the money, or make (what can be) quite a time consuming effort to watch the fights before they vanish off line.

I think I would say that GSP was unusually exciting last night, but he still failed to finish, and still had a bad third round where, were it not for his experience, he could have lost all together. IF he fights like that from now on, he might start to finish lesser calibres...but I can FULLY understand your lack of enthusiasm over it, and I think you have very good reasons to feel that way.

We must also remember that Condit took the unpopular decision to wait, and for quite a long time, long enough that he might also have had ring rust yesterday.

But judging on that fight, and GSPs history...Anderson Silva would win with little to no problem. I would be suprised if the weight change adds as much difference as some people believe...I also happen to think that every single time GSP goes for a Silva takedown he will face a huge possibility of getting stopped by a wayward knee or kick...I dont see him fairing well in the clinch against Silva, I think on the ground he might be good at holding position, but he can bearly finish on the ground these days. Submission specialists do stand a good chance if they can get Silva down, but most of them cant...and I think its about time we distinguish here between a wrestler who cant finish on the ground and a wrestler who can. I would see Silva netralizing GSP on the ground with defense so much they would be stood up, because what Silva ought to think about is not so much preventing a take-down here, at least not in terms of sprawl, but to carry on a counter strikers approach to it, but to consider that if he's taken down, he must stop GSP looking busy. On the feet, in terms of pure skill GSP might, might be better...but I have yet to see any good striker fair remotely well against a his callibre in counter striking, it is that good.

BUT Jones/Silva...well...I think that one is still debatable...The instution are possibly trying to oust someone...They have had trouble with both Anderson Silva AND Georges Saint Pierre...they may feel that this big draw will be worth the demise of one or other due to the money, and the money in the aftermath...people are tiered of the same people at the top, I reckon, in truth, the UFC might also be. if worst comes to worst, its the best of three isnt it, imagine the drama that will create

I think they are quite on Jones because they feel he could yet go far, and because he has had some..erm...negative press outside their organisation.

More from my own little world later
if the fight happens you and i should make a monetary wager on it then....unless of course your not really as confident as you say you are.
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