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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I want to see both too, and I agree with the order they should occur. Although, I'm still getting the vibe from Georges that he is not really wanting this fight with Anderson. It would definitely be a challenging fight, and if that's what he's wanting/needing in order to stay excited about fighting, you'd think he'd embrace the challenge.

When Ariel was talking with Anderson after the fight last night, I got the impression he is ready to commit to fighting Georges, but I think he, too, sensed Georges hesitation when Joe asked him about it.

If it's ever going to happen, I think it should be the next fight for both of them and it should happen sooner rather than later in the new year!
I have said for awhile that I don't believe Georges wants anything to do with fighting Anderson. But for the right amount of money it may happen.

As for the catchweight, they have been discussing this so that they can do the superfight and then go back and defend their titles.
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