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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I want to see both! And there is a good chance we will see both. This is a major opportunity for two superfights, but the GSP/Silva fight has to happen first. If Silva fought Jones first and won there would be no point in dropping all that weight to beat GSP.
I want to see both too, and I agree with the order they should occur. Although, I'm still getting the vibe from Georges that he is not really wanting this fight with Anderson. It would definitely be a challenging fight, and if that's what he's wanting/needing in order to stay excited about fighting, you'd think he'd embrace the challenge.

When Ariel was talking with Anderson after the fight last night, I got the impression he is ready to commit to fighting Georges, but I think he, too, sensed Georges hesitation when Joe asked him about it.

If it's ever going to happen, I think it should be the next fight for both of them and it should happen sooner rather than later in the new year!
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