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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
It will be catchweight, I would guess as low as 178. I think a fight like this would be great for the sport, especially if it is here in the US.

I don't blame the UK and fans not in North or South America for losing interest. You are loyal fans who get rewarded with cards with no star power when you actually get an event.
Indeed...we dont get to see the events very easily either...and on the off chance we do get an event, which is less frequent then it was...we of our own shoved in our face

YAY Dan Hardy...again

They also have the same frequent fliers...have you noticed...its the same stars they use...OMG Rich Franklins passport must be an absolute sight! He goes to Ireland, he goes to Germany, he goes to England, he goes to China They used Hughes like that also before they were so well traveled....Fancy the Royal Albert Hall...AGAIN...No? Well then into the saudi desert then for you
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