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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I want to see both! And there is a good chance we will see both. This is a major opportunity for two superfights, but the GSP/Silva fight has to happen first. If Silva fought Jones first and won there would be no point in dropping all that weight to beat GSP. unsure if this is supposed to be a cross-weight title unification...and if so who is going to contest who? Does Silva drop to WW...or does GSP move up?

IF it is, we must also remember that when there is THAT much to looose GSP is likely to take steps which constitute open fouls towards retaining. We saw that when they tried this once before with Lightweight and Welterweight.

I had thought it was going to be a Catchweight fight, which would render it non-title of course, but it would certainly damage either who lost...infact, possibly would allow the inistution to continue with title defences AND the best of Three, so as not to keep contenders waiting AND if one or both champions lost their belts, the Catchweight saga would still be applicable to continue.

I dont think the UFC even know...and IMHO they have to be careful, this year has implications for them which if they fail to review could spell a drop off. They havent learned Quality beats Quantity, they may be unaware of the fact many forums can not keep up, and the inability to discuss is causing people to fall away in droves, they may be unaware that their expanse into other nations is detrimental because they are in denial about just how global they are in truth. They are NOT mainstream in the UK...infact its harder to watch them now then it was three years ago!!! so moving into havent satisfied your old markets yet....I know and have spoken to so many who appear to be abandoning the sport also due to nothing but rematches following draws, nothing but injuries delaying the anticipated fights, very weak and poor international cards, and horiffic judging errors. I know that if they dont quit TUF all together, by the end of next year it will be actually undoing all the good it did originally.
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