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Johnny Hendricks will be my fighter of the Card for this event..You know, Carlos Condit gave it a good shot...I thought he might win in the third round but he didnt...I feel now for certain that Georges simply cant finish fights even when he actually tries...and that if he faces Anderson Silva it will be certain death for him...Granted I dont think we've seen Anderson Silva have to try hard much in his fights...but his lacklustre is still far better then GSPs lacklustre except that the one thing I have never seen Georges do, which Anderson does do occasionally, is mess around in a fight rather then do what he's paid to do.

I would rather see Silva/Jones then GSP/Silva personally...I also think GSP isnt out of the woods yet...I do feel that we still need to watch him for his next couple of fights to see if he's going to remain tyhe force he was before his injury forced sabatical so to speak...the third round should really frighten sure it will bring great joy to Hendricks who no doubt now absolutely believes he could finish GSP, on the feet, like he did with kampmann
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