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Round 5: St-Pierre continues to move forward. St-Pierre lands a combination that ended with an outside leg kick. Condit looking to counter. St-Pierre drops down for a single and gets it. Condit gets free and side kicks him away. St-Pierre lands a solid right hand. Condit answers with a right hand. Condit follows with a straight left hand. Condit lands a left hand. Condit landing more regularly this round. St-Pierre steps in with a jab and follows it with a double jab and right hand. He takes Condit down. Two minutes remain in the fight. St-Pierre moves to half guard. Condit gives up his back. He rolls. St-Pierre is back in his full guard. Condit looks for a kimura. St-Pierre lands two big elbows in the closing seconds. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for St-Pierre.

The judges score the fight for St-Pierre by unanimous decision. The scorecards read: 50-45, 49-46, and 50-45.

Georges " I'll never finish" St Pierre wins again!
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