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Sam Stout vs. John Makdessi

Round 1:
The referee in charge of the action is Marc-Andre Cote. Both fighters standing orthodox. Stout wings several overhand rights, but misses on all of them. Makdessi lands a lefthand counter that is light, but knocks Stout off balance. Makdessi with a hard jab, but he eats a leg kick from Stout. And another. And another, but eats a right hand. Good jab again from Makdessi. Left hook to the body from Stout, but he eats another jab. Spinning back kick plus a jab lands for Makdessi. More jabs from Makdessi, but he eats an outside leg kick for his efforts.

Round 2:
The jab lands again for Makdessi. Stout fires a left to the body, but eats a left hand counter. Stout lands another good left to the body. He chases down a single, but can't get it. More good jabs from Makdessi. Stout and Makdessi trade body kicks. Stout eating more jabs and even counters now. A nice one-two from Makdessi finding the mark. Stout attempts a single and still can't get it. Left hand counter lands for Makdessi.

Round 3:
Left hand counter from Makdessi connects. Makdessi lands a hook kick, but eats a right hand in the process. A charging stout runs into the left hand from Makdessi. And another jab. And another. Stout starting to chase Makdessi and eats another hard jab. Now a right straight. Stout lands a nice outside leg kick. Makdessi parries Stout's jab and lands one of his own. Another jab for Makdessi. And another. And another. Makdessi stuffs a takedown and lands several more jabs before the end of the bell.

Jon Makdessi def. Sam Stout via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Damn. Sam just didn't have an answer for that jab.
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