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Antonio Carvalho vs. Rodrigo Damm

Round 1:
The referee in charge is Dan Miragliotta. Both fighters open orthodox. Right straight lands for Damm after a minute of action. Hard inside leg kick for Damm now, too. Carvalho returns the favor to the outside of Damm's leg. The fighters continue to trade hard leg kicks. Damm throws a right, but it's blocked by Carvalho. More hard leg kicks from Carvalho now as he begins to open up on Damm. Nice jab by Damm sends Carvalho's head snapping back. Twice. Leg kick from Carvalho closes the round.

Round 2:
Carvalho opens the frame with a blistering inside leg kick. Now Carvalho goes to the outside. Carvalho kicks and slips, so Damm tries to take his back by leaping in the air as Carvalho went under him. But Carvalho granby rolls and escapes back to his feet. Several hard inside leg kicks from Carvalho, but he eats a left hook. Left jab finds the mark by Damm. Right hand cracks Damm as the round ends.

Round 3:
Damm is trying to corner Carvalho, but eats an outside leg kick. Then Damm returns the favor. Damm lands a one-two that pushes Carvalho back and a rear-leg leg kick. Damm lands a right straight to the body. Carvalho nails the inside of Damm's front leg again and almost follows up with a head kick. Both fighters try to flurry to end the round but neither is able to land much of anything.

Antonio Carvalho def. Rodrigo Damm via split decision (29-28 Damm, 29-28 Carvalho, 29-28 Carvalho).

Great fight, I couldn't believe the drunks were booing them.
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