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Matthew Riddle vs. John Maguire

Round 1:
The referee in charge of the action is Yves Lavigne. Both fighters open southpaw. Both fighters exchange strikes and pressuring the other, but so far nothing exceptional lands. A couple of right hooks land for Riddle. Riddle pushes Maguire against the fence and has double underhooks, but doesn't do anything with it. A few nice jabs from Maguire land. And now a left. Two failed takedown attempts from Maguire.

Round 2:
Nice left hand lands for Maguire. Riddle presses Maguire into the fence with double underhooks. Maguire pummels in and they separate. Maguire connecting with several hard punches as Riddle's back is against the fence, but Riddle grabs a kick and pulls Maguire to the mat. Riddle doesn't go to the ground, however, and opts to stand over him instead. Now Riddle goes into Maguire's guard. Riddle stands and then referee Lavigne separates them. Maguire hunts for a single, but Riddle stuffs it. Jab for Maguire and a right hook. Maguire attempts a guillotine and Riddle shoots it, but can't get it.

Round 3:
Riddle stalking early and lands a jab. Left hand over the top for Maguire and then a right hand. Jab fired back by Riddle. Hard inside leg kick by Riddle. Two left hands land for Maguire, but he is easily stuffed trying to take Riddle down. Riddle lands a hard right hook and stuffs another Maguire shot. Riddle tries to take Maguire down pressing him into the fence, but doesn't get it. At the last minute, Maguire tries a guillotine, but can't get anything going before the final bell.

Matt Riddle def. John Maguire via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).
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