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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Well Israel did a hit on Hamas, killing their defence minister, so to speak....Gaza constantly sends rockets over the boarder, so that doesnt explain Israels sudden strike...however...I think the issue here, is that Gaza responded by bombing the Capitol, Tel Aviv....I dont think Israel will stand for that. It'll be like 2009 all over again. Israel will begin an invasion and when Hamas goes quiet, like the tide, she will retreat having made her point

Her point is that she can, and will, use state sponcered assassination. She always has and always will do. If she sees she is threatened, she will take that threat out. She feels she has that right...its not a feeling shared by much of the rest of the world..but she is well trained, a tad paranoid, and very quick to pull the trigger.

What I dont know is why she suddenly thought the Palestinian Defence Minister (or the guy who basically carries that role if not that title) was such an imediate threat that she had to act so suddenly.

IMO its either a smokescreen to hide something she's about to do in Iran, OR she suddenly got reliable intelligence. One has to admit, that Gaza certainly retaliated more then usual...not sure its common for the palestinians to actually deliberately and methodically attack a specific target...they are usually just chucking a few more missiles over the boarder...I would suggest that maybe Israel is under the impression that Palestine has fallen into a more developed and sustainable methodology, or is being aided by a foreign source in strategy and weaponary. They may have concluded thus it was important to take out areas they thought were munition dumps, and to target the most senior person likely to be involved. They feel they are legitamate in doing that for survival purposes

It remains to be seen what the motive actually was, and only then can we asscertain whether Israel is acting justly to a legitamate threat...or whether she is simply the Old Testament would put it "A rebellious House"
I believe Israel received some intelligence that says they are in danger. I don't blame Israel at all for mobilizing troops. They are literally surrounded by their enemies.
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