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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Ezekiel was in a similar position to poor Jeremiah. Both Prophets actually witnessed what they prophesied about. Ezekiel was one of those people who was taken as a prisoner when the Babylonians conqured Jerusalem and all of Israel....Jeremiah saw the destruction of the temple which actually came part way through the Babylonian advance...They first let the Temple alone when they conqured but where there came a Jewish uprising, a mini rebellion, the Babylonians quite litterally stompped on them Temple.

I think GOD still does what he did...infact, I'm pretty sure he still uses the SAME nations! For GOD promised to make a great nation of Ishmail also, and he tended to use those nations to try and keep Israel in line....These Countries, and their decended Faith still remains to this day in the area. The Arabs, and the Islamists.

As we speak Assyria is in the middle of a Civil War, and, the whole World has only just finished putting Babylon back in its box...Babylon is in modern day Iraq.

Israel is once again expecting persia...modern day Iran, to cause issues next.
Was just watching the news and Israel has just mobilized 75,000 soldiers for possible invasion. Gaza has fired 66 rockets into Israel in the last 24 hours.
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