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Same here. We're tired of working hard, paying every cent of our taxes and then seeing how those hard-earned dollars are wasted. And I'm really tired of the excuse "but that program is only ___millions of dollars so it's just a drop in the bucket". I'd love to have an iphone but am strictly budgeting right now yet I read about all the so-called Obamaphones being passed out for free. We pay for those with the tax collected on every single phone bill. I don't remember voting for that. The left needs to create a nanny state so that they can rely on those votes and they've done a very good job.

Yes, some people do need help, do need a hand up and I'm more than willing to give it to them. This is a job for family, communities, charities and churches. Not government! But this administration has not only increased the numbers of those on welfare, disability and unemployment but has extended unemployment to 90 weeks (even though every study shows that most people on unemployment start seriously looking for work when it runs out), relaxing the restrictions on the food stamp program and what it will pay for as well as relaxing the requirements to look for work.

We all know people getting that hand-out who are perfectly content to stay there until their entitlement runs out, if ever. This is fundamentally against the core values of our founding and why America was so uniquely successful: a religious belief and practice, marriage bonds and the great work ethic. These three crucial ingredients to our success are disappearing among the middle/lower class, hence the ruin of our culture.
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