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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I think everybody in the Middle East knows what another 4 years of Obama means. This is why the enemies of Israel feel that they can attack with impunity and Israel realizes that they are on their own. They know they can expect nothing from Obama except verbal chastisements for defending their citizens from terrorist attacks.

I guess it's another 4 years of "paper tiger" status for the United States.
Israel saw how he responded on 9/11 to our own people's cry for help for over 7 hours in Benghazi, they won't be holding their breath waiting on help from Obama. I'm sure Israel isn't the only one over there that took notice of our "fearless" leader's inaction when our people were in trouble.

It will be interesting to see if we have another Benghazi while Obama is President if our military will act quickly and decisively even without an okay from higher up. The military can't be happy that Obama left two of their own out there to be murdered.

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