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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Obama is good at that too...BS'n Americans. Maybe that's why RNC likes him so much!

Obama may yet win the Political Orator of the Century award

...You do know who won that for the 20th

What I would love to see is a debate between the two orators...Who would have won do you suppose...I have to say I was infact a little let down by Obamas campaign...I didnt feel it anywhere nearly as good as the original...I suppose you can say that about most sequels...

The one thing Obama never had was anger at the way things were. Sure he was passionate about changing things, but never angry at the fact they were bad in the first place....He never stampped his foot, or waved his fist.

Maybe thats why he sort of fizzled before his time... (in a vocal capacity obv!)
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