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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I admit, the Jewish vote confuses me...why would they vote for him considering the way he has handled things with Israel, Iran, and the Middle East?
I'm not sure about that either...something odd is happening right now...coz Israel did not attack Iran like they said they would before the ellection...infact they attack palastine again...and are angry enough now to be talking about mounting another land invasion like they did in 2009

part of me thinks they suddenly discovered that Palastine was a bigger threat, and part of me thinks its a smoke screen to hide the fact they are about to attack Iran and this will hopefully muddy the waters.

Why any Jew would vote for Obama after his luke warm reception to Israel during his first term is beyond me....Perhaps they were worried about Romney because they understand that Mormonism isnt Christianity and may not be as pro-jew so to speak...IDK

I would just say they winning an ellection appears also to be like winning a war. Your list of how Obama bought the votes via appeasement at the eleventh hour to different sections, reminds me of how Abraham Lincoln made a sudden decree when the outcome of the American Civil War seemed to be heading south (if you pardon the pun) that all slaves were to be considered by the Federation as free, and the waves of defection and gratitutde at being liberated helpped turn the tide of that war...
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