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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
When you have a President: promising amnesty to illegals, yeah he got the Latino vote; promising to tax ONLY those making $250,000+ because they aren't paying their "fair share", yeah he got the vote of all those who want "their fair share" of someone else's money; changing his mind and NOW deciding he is for gay marriage, yeah he got the gay vote; deciding it's employers' responsibility to pay for women's birth control and convincingly selling the "war on women" rhetoric, yeah he got a lot of the single women vote.

He didn't do all these things in the months leading up to the election for nothing, RNC, so come on, get real!

As for the huge black vote, well...I think that's obvious! I admit, the Jewish vote confuses me...why would they vote for him considering the way he has handled things with Israel, Iran, and the Middle East?

What really gets me are those far right hard line conservatives who decided Mitt Romney wasn't far right enough for them so they WERE NOT going to vote for him so they stayed home and helped Obama get re-elected instead!

Btw, nothing you've said makes what I said in my post you quoted any less true!
thats funny ... obama has done so much for the security of israel and he is still made out to be an enemy of israel .. LOL .. .
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