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You are all forgetting one thing...which is going to appear very shortly.

You can have a wellfare state based on taxes, but there comes a point where taxes are not enough, thats what half of the borrowing of money has to do with the financial system.

Not only are people on handouts living beyond their means, so are the administrations providing for those. Now what happens eventually is that the Administrations CANT provide for their wellfare state.

At which point the whole thing begins to collapse.

Are you guys not aware of what is going on in Europe? Countries which followed that path far further then you have thus far, should provide a stark warning....People talk about Greece and Spain as if they are victims, but that isnt quite true...The people are rioting of course, but its because their Governments have allowed them to get away with it for years. Even in England we never got as bad as the continent. In Greece they bearely paid taxes, could retire and get a state pension in their early/mid 50s!!!!

Naturally, they are upset that all that has been taken from them...but truth be told, it should never have been given them in the first place.

There are TWO big problems with Democrasy...both totally exemplified by your recent ellection. Firstly, do not kid yourself, Democrasy is no more then an ellected dictatorship. Do not expect your president to keep his promises, and do not expect the insitutions that relay on the existance of the Federal Governments present shape to take him to task. Secondly...and the Romans learned this...Sometimes the people are just wrong. They dont always know what is best for them. Tell a government that provides too much for its people, giving the best to its people...or, is it infact doing them a disservice? Even if the majority vote for that logically for their future betterment?

I spoke about the European Abuse of Freedom, in a blog a while oughta listen and discover what will happen to you, also, if your country continues its course to the left of centre.

You need to educate yourself if you are to understand what possibly lies ahead...and looking at Europe will help you see where you could end up and why...not just dwelling on the word "communism" but actually understanding from someone, like myself, who lives in a half way world between you and them.
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