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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Bingo!!!! Obama essentially bought his 2nd term with tax payer money!!!!! Just a personal experience......and I'm sure I'm not alone.................I don't know how many times between pay checks my wife and I need to run to the grocery store for the essentials and can only spend a certain amount because that is all that is left in the account until pay day. Lo and behold there is always a family there that has 2 carts overflowing with food. Parents & kids grabbing whatever they want like there is no limit. They get to the checkout and out pops the welfare Link card. You'll then see a separate cart that has all the booze and cigs in it and somehow, a wad cash suddenly appears to pay for all of it.
It's those times I question where is the justice. Here in America we punish the working folk and reward the lazy!!!!!!! I see it all the time!
We used to see the Link Card people show up at the beginning of every month at Walmart and they were often morbidly obese and used those little electric carts to drive around the store. So it's not like they were starving without the Link Card.

Ah yes, I remember the fragrance of cigarette smoke, kitty litter and just the right amount of BO that wafted through the store on those nights. Good times.
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