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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I was talking about the election with a few people in church today and we realized that Obama won reelection because he loves the poor people and he loves taking care of poor people.

In fact, he loves poor people soooo much that his goal is to make EVERYBODY in the country poor, so he can care for us all.
When you have a guy "robbing Peter to pay Paul", Paul is going to go out and vote to make sure the handouts keep coming.

I also think Obama......or should I say the TAX PAYERS bought the election for Obama. When he bailed out the auto industry, he knew it would pay off for a 2nd term. You look at states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania........the latter two being swing states. I remember reading somewhere that 1 in every 8 people works for the auto industry. Then you take into consideration that the 1 person also has a wife and kid that vote. That is a lot of votes!
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