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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Kind of like what's going on with the Sandy relief effort. He doesn't care about those people now that he's been reelected.

There are two ways for Obamacare to pan out. One is that it will cause insurance rates to skyrocket so high that people won't be able to afford insurance anymore. So the government will come in with their own "low cost" health insurance to "compete" with the commercial insurance companies. Its rates will be so low that a majority of people will switch over and the government will then control everyone's healthcare.

The other possibility is that Obamacare will bankrupt the insurance industry, because it's impossible for them to remain profitable if they are required to insure everyone, forcing a government takeover of healthcare. People will be so scared of not having insurance that they will welcome the government program with open arms.

Either way, the US government will end up with the power of life and death over its citizens and that will be the death of freedom in this country.
Well you'll have a two tier system like what we have in England I suppose...In essence, those who can afford to go Private will pay for their health care through insurance...those that cant will be relient on the Government...what I'm not sure about is whether this will make enough money for the Federation to truely put into practise any kind of working National Health Service...I figure more likely that this is a stealth tax, designed to tax the lowest people with the promise of providing them sub standard health care.

I'm convinced this isnt about health care because noone puts in a "pay us" clause if you cant afford compulsory insurance, and noone puts a clause about tutition fees for university in a National Health Service manifesto.

He either doesnt know what he's doing...or else he's somehow making a free revenue for the US Federation, which would be a Stealth Tax on citizens rather then anything to do with health care

If you ask me, from a Consitutuional perspective, your Freedoms already gone. It went when the Federal Government turned Soverign States into a partisanship bondage. You havent been free since the American Civil War IMHO

To be free you need to de-centralize the Federation, and put it firmly back in its box. No Republican nor Democratic President would dare give away half the power he has now back to the people. You need an Independant, a radical constitutionalist who will demolish your electoral college, stop your Congress from sitting everyday, allow each of the States to govern themselves in terms of all rules and regulations except for Continental Issues like Transport, Import/Exports, the Military, and of course a spot on the Global Scene...but then a true Consitutionalist will also be isolationistic. They might be a super Japan was in the 1500s sort of thing...but they would do like Japan did and close their boarders, withdraw from all but the United Nations, and focus on themselves. The federal Government would be a mouthpiece only for the join decisions of the representatives of soverign states. It would be like a Status Update...not an edict on things beyond its Soverignty.

Only then shall you be free, as you were.

The negatives will include giving up status and power on the world stage, and therefore influence. The negatives will also be infighting between different states, as happened in the lead up to the Civil War. But better you be free to have a civil war, then be tied in bondage to each other so much that you cant tell your Nevada from your New York.

There is another reason this cant will have to give up your partisanship and start caring, instead, for your State. You will be neither Red, nor Blue...infact, you will be White I suppose. You will be independant of that type of political smokescreen which has kept you fighting over two ideologies when you should have been fighting for your State.

Only when viewed like this can you see how far the US had moved from its constitutional basis. Thats my opinion anyway

LOOK! NATER! You have created a Monster

I am so more Right wing then I used to be. So much so, the other day I sat on my table musing through the Daily Mirror...and on the other table sat a friend who has talked to me about politics so many times, both british and american and european. He sat reading the daily mail...we both sat there pretending to read until finally he said

"Swap you"

I delightfully dropped the page and said

"Of Course"

As we met in the middle to exchange dailys he said "You Fascist" and I replied "You Commie"

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