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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

Got home today to find three out of seven budgies dead.

Peggy the Pied
Franklin The Spangle

all perished through a combination of factors, some of which was my fault. Here is my offical explaination

I regret to inform you that Josie the Budgie died today in the Budgie Flight of the Pulver House of Birds Aviary at Markenfield. The Exact cause of death remains unknown. It is thought that a combination of disruption caused by the switch on of the aviary heater, the rearrangement of the provisions to allow for overnight zebra finch acclimatizatio...n prior to release following the dire finch breeding season, the yo-yo tempritures this week in particular the winds in the early part and the replacement of fortified seed with a lower brand, and lack of budgie blinds probably led to a poor imune system and a slight chill which wasnt picked up on due to the fact its dark in the morning and dark by evening at this time of year and I hadnt replaced my damaged torch, which I did so tonight. She was not alone, but perished along side Franklin the Spangle, in similar conditions for the same reason. A third Budgie called Peggy died of exposure a few days ago but was only discovered today after exposure to the ellements when I accidently left her in the flight on the worst night. I have taken steps to ensure that the circumstances which led to this occurance are most unlikely to happen again. This includes proper adequet and permanent lighting for the Aviary so birds can be better inspected. Less frequent use of the heater incase its a cause, the banning of overnight acclimatization in anyway when there is more then one cage, a commitment to having the budgie blinds completed by sundown on tuesday, the assurence that on windy days the Flights will remain offlimits to the budgies without supervision and the promise to never stray from fortified seed.
Sorry to hear about your birds, Dave. Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes trial and error to find out what works best especially with a situation like this where the aviary is affected by the change in season. I know you'll figure it out.
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