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Realized I never posted this here, so I copy/pasted from the Facebook discussion I was involved in on this topic:

Originally Posted by Ben Westcott
After settling down from the shock, I'm not quite as terrified as I initially was. Disney has completely resurrected Marvel's movie life (remember how terrible Spider-Man/X-Men 3 were?), plus Joss Whedon has always said that his inspiration from day one was the Millennium Falcon. If we get to see the genius behind Firefly, Dr. Horrible & Avengers live out his childhood dreams, I'm Ok with that.
October 30 at 5:26pm via mobile
With Joss already in the Disney family & other marquee directors turning this down (or at least expressing disinterest), I think this is the best possible outcome.

Realistically, prolly not gonna happen because Joss has his hadns way too full with Marvel stuff, but a guy can dream.
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