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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post

the 51st star would throw off the symmetry ... i am sure they could figure it out ...
well surely, before 1960 the flag had one less dot on it???

I hardly think ammendments to the flag will be a consideration...I mean, what would they do if Hawaii left the Union which was also a matter raised during the last presidential term...would they deduct a star?? if so...which one??

I mean can you really point at a star and say "That one is ohio" ? Look out for California...its Star is larger then ten other stars put together if you look at it in a electoral college point of view...actually...people oughta do a "What the flag would look like if" and base it on population, electoral college points...perhaps you could say that each star in order from top left to bottom right DOES represent the states in the order they joined....but then...what would happen to the States of the south that left and rejoined? are they the same stars...or do their stars change order comparing pre civil war to post civil war...the digressions are endless
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