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Default Puerto Ricans wish to be 51st State!

The Puerto Ricans have had a referendum on joining the Federal Union of American States....they are currently a Commonwealth which is self essence they are a territory of America...they have all the advantages of being US citzens, but can not vote in General Ellections for Continental America, only their own little Provincial Government.

The Referendum was to be an opinion poll, rather then a legal edict for the Government, and the choice was given to remain a US Territory as Ask for Independance from the United States entirely...or, to gain full membership as a State of the Union.

Sixty-one percent want to actually assert themselves as an American State, which would be the Fifty First to join the Union. The American Union has not accepted membership since 1959 when another Island Community, The Hawaiian Islands were permitted full membership following political changes in 1955, after having been a Territory since the collapse of its Republic in the late 1800s

However...Its not up to the Government of the outpost to declaire itself a member of the union, any more then it can declaire itself independant. Those Decisions can only be made by the US Congress, which has the power to consider, deliberate, and pronounce judgement on matters concerning the Unions intake.

President Barack Obama appeared to be supportive of the referendum, but thats no guarentee that an already cash strapped Union is going to want to include an entire new country into its midst
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