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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Romney should of attacked BO on the Bengahzi issue in that last debate. In fact, republicans.......if they're smart, should demand a full investigation. Although I think Romney was the lesser of 2 evils, I was hoping he would pull it out. Only because any thing is better than this marxist! I'm like Nate, I don't know if our country can take another 4 years of his policies.

With that being said, the results of the popular vote reflects that this country is truly divided. Both parties and the media did a great job of painting the right/left paradigm. Something our forefathers warned us about.
A lot of people said that, that he should have attacked Obama on Benghazi in the last debate, but I think he really missed the opportunity in the 2nd debate when he brought it up and Obama stood there and said how "offended" he was...that's when Mitt should have jumped right back at him and said, "You're offended?!..." And don't forget when he did try to point out that the President hadn't even called it a terrorist attack, the moderator, Candy Crowley jumped in to intervene on behalf of the President totally screwing Mitt. The press had already managed to fry him when he came out right after it happened, so I think Benghazi was a "no win-dead end" situation for Romney. The President was being "protected" at all costs by the media and none of that was ever going to touch him. And now that he's been re-elected, don't look for Benghazi to go anywhere, the press and Dems won't allow it to.
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