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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i imo the party needs to move more moderate and not pander to the far right ... that wont win elections ... and last nite proved that there is lots to be done ...
The problem is that America wasnt conceived as a "Moderate" political system. The Democrats shift to the left, DOESNT mean that the Republicans should shift to the left also...Actually, the whole Federal Government is in need of a complete overhaul.

IMO What the Republicans need to do is start going constitutionalist. They need to appeal to the State Governments, and tell them that Ellecting them will REDUCE BIG Government. They want to tell the People that the Office of the US President is not what they believe it to be.

They want to be brave enough to start giving power back, a De-centralization of the Federal Government, to give back Soverignty to States, to Empower States.

The want to talk about how disconnected the ave citizen is with the Government...they want to be Brave enough to do this, to explain to the public that they would rather risk the Union, then force all citizens into bondage out of the fear that handing back Soverignties would cause the ability for a Civil War to be a prospect...Because Revolution of a bad Government is appreciated, its a good thing, its a required thing according to Constitutional Values.

They need to tell people that this isnt about a single man becoming all powerful, it isnt about a party lauding it over another, it isnt even about America. Its about the choice between whether Americans wish to remain American, Wish to hold to their Consitution, Wish to keep the Constituion, EVEN when its a dangerous road to follow, even when it allows for individual states to dissagree. Or whether the US wants to become just like any other Western Civilization.

Finally, they should promise a reform of the General Ellection system. They should make it one vote per person across the entire US. Simply count the votes state by state...if they are unhappy, they can still put the entire State down as Red or Blue, but no state is to have more value then others...all men are created equal...thus all States are aswell...unless you happen to be California of course...then your worth Alaska, Hawaii, DC, Delaware, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Idaho, Utah and New Mexico...check right at present...that, people is abhorant

The laugh is, that anyone who said the above would appear so radical, probably not even the Republicans would touch them.

But what must be made apparent is that noone is united in bondage or fear. That is duty bound, and Duty is not to be mistaken for, nor substituted for Love. The States shouldnt be forced to be quelled under an overarching Single Government. They should naturally come together for summits as a group of independants committed to the Union because they want to be part of it, because they recognise they are better together then alone...if you love someone truely, you have to be willing to let them go free and hope they return to you...knowing, that some..may not.

The Federal Government dare not for Two reasons...first, they are a source of power and wealth, they do not wish to give up that. Secondly, they know full well that allowing the States Soverignty opens the door for a Second American Civil War...something that couldnt happen now because the people are blind to their country and simply divided between Right and Centrist no matter which State they come from.

What you need is an Independant President, preferably a sincere constitutionalist....without that you will ping pong between Republican and Democrat until, undeniably, as RNC suggests, in order to take power, as the democrats eclipse the centrist position, the Republicans will follow...within the next century you will be as bland as Europe.

its sad...coz I just dont see anyone with the guts or the money to fix this problem, be they Democrat or Republican
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