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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i think the real story is the dissaray of the GOP .. i honestly think it needs to be revisited, reestablished .. whatever you want to call it ... a large % of the population don't care about social issues like abortion, gay marriage ... they care more about economy, etc ... imo the party needs to move more moderate and not pander to the far right ... that wont win elections ... and last nite proved that there is lots to be done ...
Well, Romney only lost the election by 2.6 million votes in the popular vote; but they're still counting the votes in Florida so those aren't the final results. So that a pretty close margin and Republicans actually gained ground with most groups of voters, so I don't think it means that the Republican party needs to completely reinvent itself.

I believe this loss can simply be chalked up to Romney failing to define himself properly and allowing Obama to falsely define him early on in the election. Plus, I think Romney played it safe in the last few weeks of the election and that hurt him badly.

Obama went negative right of the bat, so playing dirty and demonizing his opponent won him the election.
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