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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Your Electoral College system is not democratic IMHO...proportional representation might be fine for local government...but when your ellecting just one person...surely you should just have each individual person vote and count the votes...I dont understand who, or why your system was invented...but I dont really think its fair for one person to win like ten states...and another to win just one state and somehow they have the same number of votes
I agree. The Electoral College is a case of our founders second-guessing themselves. It basically says that the President will be chosen by the American people..... but not really.

I think the basic assumption back then was that the average voter (keeping in mind that only white, male, land-owners were originally allowed to vote) was too uneducated to choose a properly qualified leader for our nation. Unfortunately, the fact that Barack Obama was even elected in the first place proves that they were probably right.
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