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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
A good job on what exactly? Going back on the campaign trail while people were still without electricity and there are reports of dead bodies still in the water?
Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
his reponse effort to the storm ... thats what he did a good job on ... it will take a while for electricty to go on in some places and bodies etc to get cleaned up ... but his response so far has been good ...
I'm fine with Gov. Christie expressing a "thanks" to President Obama, but to gush about the President doing a "great job" is, I think, overstating it and a bit over the top. The President/federal gov't has control over funds that Gov. Christie needs for his state and it's recovery so I don't blame him for jumping on the President's offer for him to come tour the disaster areas, but make no mistake, this tour with Christie was a photo op for the President during these close elections to make himself look Presidential and like he cares. Christie's praise of the President was quickly used by Team Obama which includes the main stream media who made sure to play it up for all it was worth.

Everything the President has been saying after this storm, "We are going to make sure everyone is taken care one will be left behind...we take care of each other"...oh, the irony of those words given what took place in Benghazi less than two months ago, and what the President didn't do to try to save the American lives there.

The President is quick to release pictures of himself in the Situation Room of the White House playing Commander-in-Chief for Bin Laden and Hurricane Sandy, but funnily enough, no pics of him have been released for the night of Sept. 11 during Benghazi.

If I thought he went to New Jersey, and wanted to go to New York, for the right reasons, I would give him a nod for doing what any President should have done, but I don't think doing what was right was his motivation.

As for Mayor Bloomberg....totally useless!
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