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Have y'all heard about Mayor Bloomberg insisting on going ahead with the NY Marathon? This is insanity!

They've been showing the people on Staten Island, all those boats in the streets, blocking people getting in and out, and they have seen no one yet, no FEMA, no Red Cross, no police...and people have been looting. Those poor people!

The marathon starts in Staten Island and they run through the boroughs and I guess end up finishing in Central Park. This is just crazy, you are going to have a marathon with people running thru the streets of these devastated areas? The Mayor should be concerned with getting help to these people who are in dire straights. I'm not sure if he's planning (or can) run again for Mayor but I'd say his chances of being re-elected are going to go down with this very poor decision!

Also there have been reports that non-union utility workers from Alabama were turned away in New Jersey because they weren't union. Some people are denying the story is true. Let's hope that is not the case because these people desperately need all the help they can get right now!

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