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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Trying to Retain his Office post the next general ellection. Its Early Voting season dont you know...

(Thats the sad truth IMO)
I think everybody knows why he didn't send help and why they put that nonsense out about that video being the cause, but I want to know what he was doing when Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were up on those buildings giving their lives protecting others? I have a sick feeling he went to bed and went to know he had an important campaign trip to Vegas the next day!

He's been on tv today showing everybody how he's on top of this big storm, Hurricane Sandy, that's about to hit the east coast in another day or so. How he's going to make sure our people are taken care of without delays or rules getting in the way. That's real funny coming from the guy who takes no responsibility for the deaths of four Americans in Libya, the Commander-in-Chief who watches while Americans are being attacked and does nothing.

What do you think Netanyahu is thinking right now after seeing the American President refuse to help his own people while they are being attacked? Maybe..."If Obama won't even help his own people who are being attacked..."
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