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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
A really rough re-cap of the interview:
  • "Not saying I've closed the door [on his career], but my hand's on the door handle"
  • Has really enjoyed spending this year helping to raise his kids, it's made his focus shift.
  • Working with a company to get MMA into the Olympics
    • Creating a US amatuer organization
    • Talked with other countries
    • Paperwork is done to apply
  • Wants to help the UFC fix the juding situation (thinks it's the weakest portion of MMA today)
    • Would be willing to be a judge, but "If I'm a judge, I can only help the guy in front of me"
    • Would like to be part of a judging school of some sort
    • Damage should be #1 priority for judging
    • Won't say 10-9 doesn't work, but definitely think it needs a lot of tweaking
  • Not sure why there are so many injuries now
    • Guys are making decisions differently than we used to
  • Gave up the H.I.T. Squad because of a battle at home
    • Wife didn't like him being gone so much & he was doing most of his training in Utah anyhow, so he gave up the gym to get a W at home
  • TRT - Don't know much about it
    • "Everybody oughta step in there the way they are"
    • "Never took anything that wasn't in a GNC store ready to go into a shaker"
  • Thinks GSP takes Condit "as long as his mind's right"
  • Thinks GSP is the WW GOAT "Georges beat me twice"
  • No one out there he's itching to fight
  • Doesn't care what Dan Hardy has to say
    • "According to the Bible & the law, I haven't done anything wrong"
Good job, Ben! The only thing I would add is "hunting" to the "Dan and law" point so those who don't watch the video, and aren't on Twitter, will know what in the "tweet" Matt is referring to.
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