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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I think Obama was miffed that Mitt wasn't giving him anything to really hammer him with; and Obama came off at times as being small and condescending. One example, when they were talking about the military, Obama's comment, "...we have things called air craft carriers that planes land on..." Some are saying Obama won this one because he was more aggressive; I agree he was being agressive, interrupting, speaking over Romney, but Mitt stayed cool and calm showing his knowledge about our foreign affairs--he was clear on his points of what he would do about Iran and China, and his ideas about pursuing trade opportunities with Latin America. After the debate, there was some fact checking on two or three "quotes" that were brought up by each candidate about what the other had previously said about an issue, etc..., and on each fact check, Romney was correct and Obama was wrong.

Everybody is saying they think the election is going to come down to the economy, and if that bears out, Romney should win. The next jobs number comes out right before the election.
u could be right bon .. i don't think there was a chance that romney coulda won this last debate anyway .. the prez has way more access to fp issues, data etc .. so mitt just wanted to minimize damage .. i think he did that ..

it should be real close though .. imo, i don't think either guy will do much about the economy .. in 4 years, whoever is in power, things will be better than they are today ... its just a matter of how much ... this campaign has been pretty clean though imo .. both sides have had their moments .. michelle clapping at the last debate .. romney's son saying he wanted to punch out the prez ... LOL ... i realize there are bigger things at stake for you guys .. i am just seeing this as great entertainment ..
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