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A really rough re-cap of the interview:
  • "Not saying I've closed the door [on his career], but my hand's on the door handle"
  • Has really enjoyed spending this year helping to raise his kids, it's made his focus shift.
  • Working with a company to get MMA into the Olympics
    • Creating a US amatuer organization
    • Talked with other countries
    • Paperwork is done to apply
  • Wants to help the UFC fix the juding situation (thinks it's the weakest portion of MMA today)
    • Would be willing to be a judge, but "If I'm a judge, I can only help the guy in front of me"
    • Would like to be part of a judging school of some sort
    • Damage should be #1 priority for judging
    • Won't say 10-9 doesn't work, but definitely think it needs a lot of tweaking
  • Not sure why there are so many injuries now
    • Guys are making decisions differently than we used to
  • Gave up the H.I.T. Squad because of a battle at home
    • Wife didn't like him being gone so much & he was doing most of his training in Utah anyhow, so he gave up the gym to get a W at home
  • TRT - Don't know much about it
    • "Everybody oughta step in there the way they are"
    • "Never took anything that wasn't in a GNC store ready to go into a shaker"
  • Thinks GSP takes Condit "as long as his mind's right"
  • Thinks GSP is the WW GOAT "Georges beat me twice"
  • No one out there he's itching to fight
  • Doesn't care what Dan Hardy has to say
    • "According to the Bible & the law, I haven't done anything wrong"
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