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Default 2016: Obama's America

Has anyone seen this documentary by Dinesh D'Souza yet? It's out on dvd, I just watched it today, and it answers a lot of ?s (at least for me) about Obama, his thinking, and the things he has done since becoming President which totally fits with the idea of anti-colonialism...Obama's idea that is, gleaned from his mentors and the radicals he aligned himself with in college and in Chicago. This is quite different from what our forefathers' vision of what anti-colonialism would mean to and for America. It fits, Obama's anti-colonialism, his idea/goal of redistribution, "fair share", but not just here in America, but on a global level.

I already thought of Obama as a danger for America given the last 4 years, but after watching this film, I realize he's way way more dangerous than I ever thought.
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