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Originally Posted by gnp View Post
Hendo is pissed, just tweeted Dana, guess I should give up training to put on a fight for the fans to enjoy and just go to talking school
I would be too....he is the one deserving of the title shot. Sonnen/Jones isn't until April because of Jones' injury, I'm sure Hendo would have been ready and willing to fight then. I think Dana is a little mad at Hendo for his timing of declaring his injury. Plus he is in Singapore right now which would have interfered with starting the TUF taping.

I agree with RNC, Dana is trying to find a way to save TUF and Chael may be the right guy for that. I don't think Hendo would be a good choice for TUF. He would be a great coach, but I don't think he brings any excitement to the show like Chael can.

Dana asked the fans if they wanted this fight and they got it. This isn't the first time he has put a fight together like this, Lesnar/Couture was put on because people wanted to see Brock fight.

The UFC is a business, get used to these things happening. Top money making fights will win over deserving fighters. Watch and see with the MW division when Anderson doesn't defend the title for awhile.
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