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Gleison Tibau vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1:
Marc Goddard is our referee. Trinaldo lunges forward with a straight right. Tibau changes levels and powers Trinaldo down with a double-leg. Trinaldo fights out of a deep, deep guillotine and stands back up. Tibau connects with a solid combination, Trinaldo answers with a wild right hand. Tibau gets another takedown but this one is short lived. Trinaldo launches a hard knee to the body of Tibau, and another, and another. Tibau storms back and plants Trinaldo down on the mat.

Round 2:
Both fighters touch gloves to kick off the second frame. Tibau connects flush with a one-two. Tibau rips a big left hand into Trinaldo's body. Trinaldo lands a strong back elbow out of the break. Trinaldo floors Tibau with a looping punch. What a shot! Trinaldo scrambles onto Tibau's back and sinks in a deep choke attempt. Tibau is fighting it off but this one is close. Tibau rolls, Trinaldo gives up the choke to rain down vicious punches from the top. 90 seconds left and this is all Trinaldo. Trinaldo unloads a few elbows and advances into half guard. Heck of a turnaround.

Round 3:
Trinaldo comes out swinging and Tibau answers right back. Tibau connects with a wild left, eats a knee to the body, then slams Trinaldo to the floor. Tibau not doing much from the top, and the crowd knows it. Nearly two minutes in and the boos are raining down. Tibau advances to half guard, smothering Trinaldo. Goddard has seen enough, stands it up. Tibau immediately plants his face into Trinaldo's stomach and powers him back down. Tibau seizes mount and grasps for an arm triangle. He might have it. Trinaldo flashes a thumbs up but this looks bad. Thirty seconds left and Tibau finally lets it go. Trinaldo eats a few shots from the bottom as the final horn sounds.

Gleison Tibau def. Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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