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Sergio Moraes vs. Renee Forte

Round 1:
Our referee for the first fight on FX is Mario Yamasaki. 40 seconds in and the crowd is already getting restless as neither man seems willing to engage. Moraes finally changes levels and works on a deep single, but Forte successfully fights it off. Moraes tries again and this time it works, eventually tripping Forte to the mat and landing in half guard. Forte pops up and Moraes nearly jumps onto his back. Yamasaki stands the action back up. Moraes blocks a switch kick, answering with a wild right hand that misses.

Round 2:
Moraes misses with a looping combination, and another. Moraes ducks under a punch and plops Forte on his back. Forte uses the fence to climb back to his feet and both men retake the center of the Octagon. Moraes changes levels again, but this time he can't get it. Jeers come raining down from the crowd at the lack of action. Forte slips after a missed knee to the head. After an inactive stretch against the fence, Yamasaki separates both fighters. Forte lands a huge uppercut followed by a left hook. Moraes crashes to the mat but Forte seems reluctant to follow. Forte might've just stolen the round there.

Round 3:
A wild overhand right misses for Moraes. More boos come raining down from an increasingly impatient Brazilian crowd. Forte charges forward with a combination, but Moraes slips it and powers Forte to the mat. Moraes scrambles to Forte's back and locks in a body triangle. Forte stands with Moraes still clinging on, looking for the choke. Forte valiantly defends the submission but this is a bad, bad spot. Forte slams himself to the mat but he can't shake Moraes off. And there's the tap. This one is over.

Sergio Moraes def. Renne Forte via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:10 of round 3.
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