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Luiz Cane vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1:
Marc Goddard is the man in charge. Camozzi the aggressor early, nearly lands a short standing elbow. Cane seems hesitant while Camozzi swings freely with combinations. Camozzi connects with a jumping knee to the body. Cane finally answers with a body kick, then circles around, grabs Camozzi's back and drags him to the mat. Cane quickly gets one of his hooks in. He's hunting for a rear-naked choke. He doesn't quite have it, though the crowd seems to be on the verge of exploding. Camozzi rolls and escapes, eating a huge knee on the way up. Camozzi charges forward with his own knee to the body. Cane unloads with a huge right hand as the horn sounds.

Round 2:
Camozzi continues to remain the aggressor, pushing forward with a series of jabs and combinations. Cane circles, missing wildly with a one-two. Camozzi lets loose with a leg kick and eats one in return. Another exchange, and another, with Camozzi getting the better of the action. Camozzi connects with a left hand that puts Cane on his heels. Camozzi shakes off a takedown attempt and answers with another left. Cane largely seems lethargic with his offense so far.

Round 3:
Camozzi wastes no time cracking Cane with another series of straight rights. Cane eats a set of jabs and misses with his counter. Camozzi finding a home for his right hand, at will. Cane slips an uppercut and answers with a body kick. Another exchange with Camozzi getting the better of it. The crowd seems to be growing restless at Cane's inability to fire off. Cane finally connects with a solid left hand, but Camozzi just shakes it off. Another furious exchange closes out the round, with Camozzi eating a huge shot at the horn.

Chris Camozzi def. Luiz Cane via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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