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The British Press havent really covered this at all...For, essentially, we, as a nation dont ever get to know the Vice President of the US under normal Circumstances...Yes that woman made waves last time...what was her name, Sarah or something...but that was because she put a particular image across the resonated...and because McCain was basically still unknown by the British when they went to the Polls

In England you vote for the party knowing who the prime minister will be by default of already being the party leader...but you dont know, when you vote, who he/she will have in their cabinate...Many English dont understand that the President and Vice President come as a known combo...therefore, in theory if you didnt like the presidential candidate, but HATED his opposing VP you might vote to keep the one you like least out...we cant do that with our Generals because they dont ellect their cabinate until AFTER they are ellected...In theory we dont know who would run the country if the Prime Minister we choose to ellect, dies in office, until he's already ellected.

Also...short of that happening in the US, we dont need to concern ourself about the deputy...incidently, I suspect that if the prime minister was killed or died, we'd probably move post-haste to another General Ellection.

The only news I have heard, relates Romney saying that he will accuse the Chinese of fixing rates to do with trade if he comes to power...not totally sure thats a clever move
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