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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i enjoyed the debate .. yes, biden did interupt and make goofy faces, but i think ryan's continuous smirk was just beaming with arrrogance ... i don't think there was a clear winner, i think biden had the edge ... but i don't think the vp debate is meant to come out with a winner per se ... they both did their jobs ... biden stopped the bleeding imo .. or slowed it from the last debate .. and ryan didn't come off as an incompetent fool (not implying he is one) ... i think biden answered the question about abortion better imo .. and called out ryan on his inconsistincies which barack didn't do last time out ...

the ball is now back in the court of the big boys ... will barack fight back .. or will mitt give us a replay of last time .. i think obama knows what he has to do ...

should be fun!!!
I don't think Ryan meant any disrespect with the smile, but I do wish he had maintained a neutral face. Biden on the other hand was clearly dissing Ryan throughout the debate with those maniacal smiles and laughing while Ryan was speaking. It was beyond the pale and so disrespectful. I feel like he was trying to make up for Obama's fail last week, but I think it backfired on him. What are people talking about today, what are people going to remember years from now about this debate? "Laughing Joe"

I agree, there was no clear winner, but Biden's antics might have been a big turn off for some. I think because of how Biden came off, it will put pressure on Obama not to come off as disrespectful while trying to be more aggressive.
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