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VP debates were tonight. Who watched them and what are your thoughts?

My thoughts: I enjoyed the format they had in the first debate last week better than the way tonight's moderator did it. I don't think it was a good idea (looking back after the fact) to put Joe Biden at a table so close to the moderator and to Ryan. The moderator kept letting Joe Biden consistently and continuously interrupt during Ryan's time, and then she would abruptly interrupt Ryan also...she never did that to Biden, and she never admonished Biden "that he needs to wait for his turn".

I know what Biden was trying to do, he was trying to be the aggressor to make up for how poorly Obama showed last week. But like one commentator said afterward, "#2 had to do the job #1 failed to do last week." I found Biden's facial expressions while Ryan was speaking way over the top and very disrespectful; he came across awful doing that! He constantly interrupted Ryan, by talking and laughing out loud, and he looked like a loon constantly smiling like that. A total turnoff for me!

Despite Biden's antics, Ryan remained polite and respectful throughout.

I don't think there was any clear winner in this particular debate. I agree with Charles Krauthammer's analysis for the most part (paraphrasing): "If you listened to it by radio, you would think Biden had won; if you watched it, you would think Ryan had won. Biden won on Medicare and Afghanistan; Ryan won on the economy and taxes, but there was no clear winner."

And it didn't seem to make a big impact with Frank Luntz' focus group of undecided voters, some/most were still undecided after watching Biden and Ryan.

I think we're going to have to wait for the next Presidential debate and see what happens with the townhall format.

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