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I feel a lil distressed right now...some of it might still be acclimatization back into work after my Fall Holiday, Some of it might be because I just cant seem to succeed at sticking up the blasted blinds for the aviary or the heater connection...some of it might be because its autumn, and the darkness has once again started to close in.

Some of it might also be because on Wednesday this week my Father will be made redundant. Its his last day at work, and now we dont know what will become of my parents...everyone fears that they will almost certainly have to downsize from Mornington...and...quite possibly leave Harrogate all together...

..Whilst I am used to living away from them, thanks to three years at University and then Two years in London...the irony of moving to harrogate, a place I desteste in many ways, was only because I had to move back to be with them when I had no job and no home due to an injury that stopped me working...The irony that less then a decade later, they might move and sort of leave me here, in a town I never really wanted to be in is...strange.

There are fears my Sister Tiffany may be made redundant as they are cutting teaching positions at the Army Foundation College...and of course Sister Rosy hasnt lived actually in harrogate for years...meanwhile my Nan moved up in 2010 specifically to be near her daughter as she gets find...less then three years later, her Daughter may move.

Our family is in a bit of turmoil at present...noone knows how this will work just goes to show that as we think we are perfectly safe and the status quo will remain so forever...we are...always, all of us, only moments from a life changing event, whether negative or positive, and we should all never take forgranted all that we have in the way of other people and their support.
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