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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
9) I was commenting on your LACK of laws in certain areas, not the ones you already have. Without order there is chaos...but what is the point in having an Extradition Treaty between States when they dont have you understand what Deportation actually means? Its riddiculous to use the word when refering to Provincial Governments run by an overarching Union FIFTY "Soverignties" strong Surely...if he was free to leave Iowa...why isnt he free to go back to Iowa? why does Minnesota have to ask Iowa? Wouldnt it be easier, if States were to have checkpoints to prevent this issue in the first place...would that not be more simple? What do you have to fear in approaching a checkpoint...unless you are already on the run from the law? To let a man be on warrent of arrest for an entire year is outrageous, surely, by anyones standards??? Tell me....if he travels long enough, does the warrent go out of date?
Minnesota isn't asking Iowa. It's the other way around. Iowa will be requesting the extradition. If Iowa didn't ask for extradition, then Minnesota would just let this guy out, and be done with it.

Let's not get into the ideas of check points, and the fear of approaching check points. The comment about letting a man be on a warrant... where did you get the idea of them "LETTING" him be on the loose for a year? That they've not arrested him in a year? I have warrants on people that we've not been able to locate in ten years. I've been involved with dozens of cases where people just don't get caught for a period of time. Sometimes, a week, a month, a year, a decade... or longer. No warrants don't go out of date.

States don't have "borders" per se. They have state lines.
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