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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Extraditing from Minnesota to Iowa. He committed the felony in Iowa, but was arrested in Minnesota. Either Iowa can asked to have him back & try him there, or they can (through some legal means I dunno) kinda shift the cahrges over & let Minnesota try him.
No, they can't try him in Minnesota. 'Extradition' is one of the jobs I did when I worked for the sheriff's dept. You can't legally bring a prisoner across state lines and try him unless he signs a waiver agreeing to go back to that state. The prisoner will get sort of a mini trial at first. The judge will ask him to sign a waiver, if he refuses the judge will either hold with no bond until the orginal state can start the extradition process or set the prisoner a bond (not likely, lol). However, it only wastes time and money because if he refuses (that is where my crappy part came in, lol) you prepare an Order for Extradition, the case goes to the state attorney general, then to be signed by a higher court. That Order goes to a state judge where he was arrested and the judge rules on whether to send the guy back or not. In all my years doing it, no judge ever denied us. A state pretty much isn't going to spend that kind of money without good cause.

There are other ways around all the red tape, too. But that is probaly tmi.

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