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BTW...I do like visiting the US...I even thought of living problem was actually nothing to do with anything but Employment Law...I'm not sure I would ever feel safe in my livlihood in a Union which had virtually no Employment law at all!

Oh you might give the individual freedom...but as for protection from corrupt employers...Your Employment Law basically leaves your workforce completely without any rights period.

I have more freedom in England with my Employment then I would in the US because Businesses can not treat us like slaves. We have rights as a workforce. You cant just sack us because you dont like us...if you make a Contract, you have to stick to cant...decide to prematurely terminate contracts like the UFC do...

WE Believe that individuals have rights. We do not believe in the Corruption of multinational coorperations. WE have that written into Civil Law...and Guess what, American Firms that choose to opporate in this Country, have to abide by these Laws...I work for an American I see what they WANT to do sometimes, and CANT...and let me tell you, without that safety net of those Employment laws, I could never feel safe. Since those laws do not exist properly in the United States...I dont know if I could ever live there do you follow?

Ironically...I would prefer a certain level of protection above absolute freedom anyday

I wont go into the missinterpretation of the fact that "Freedom" in your constitution doesnt mean "Freedom to Travel" but "Freedom under GOD" because I'd hate to cause an uproar amoung the heathen...who infact believe that the United States believes in "Freedom of Religion" when it really means Freedom to practise any form of a Dis-established manner...not freedom to practise what you want...For that you have to understand what your forefathers were trying to do, and what model they were trying to oppose....They were horrified by the fall out from the Reformation, which they blamed on having an Established it Roman or Anglican..thats what they wanted Freedom from, an Established Church...NOT Freedom from Christianity, but Freedom FOR many denominations of Christianity.

but I digress...coz its 3am and I'm sooo knackered...Goodnight...and for the record, I'm not angry at you, nor have I cried out in offence at your response to my original post. I believe in the Freedom and Rights to have a different view point
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