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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Well...if the States had proper Boarder Control, he wouldnt have been able to flee the State would he...thats what confuses me...These States act, Judicially like they are independant...but do NOTHING in a physical level to show they are serious....There appears to be NOTHING stopping someone being arrested in one State simply walking to another State...there is NO boarder control...

If you ask me this is six of one and half a douzen of the other. Jeremy Stephens has to be slightly dumb if he didnt realize he had to go to court...but the State Government is very dumb to assume someone guilty of a crime isnt going to walk freely across a piece of land and out of their jurisdiction. All it takes is a bloody Check post in the centre of a Bridge...its sheer laziness....No wonder its taken them a bloody year to find him...

Sorry...but this highlights a real issue with your whole State Government ideology....If Iowa wants its asset...why does it not have a Boarder Checkpoint to stop Jeremy Stephens crossing over that Bridge into Illinois?

Ive SEEN the Bridge with my own eyes...infact I walked across it...several times because I couldnt believe that you could step from one state to another without even knowing you'd passed from one SOVERIGN STATE to another....I made the same point when I was driven to Saint Loius Airport from Illinois...once again...another Bridge...and another split second crossing from one State to another...and I specifically asked where the checkpoint was

No Wall between Mexico and the US...and the Federal Government thing desperate people will simply respect what appears in practise to be an imaginary line???

All you needed was an aggressive Neighbour earlier in your history and you would have been screwed

and should see how strict they are with air-traffic, and I expect with the States make Extradition pacts with each other? Or is it just a formality? In the international world, Extradition pacts are the stuff of nighmares for the host country of the crime...its like Iowa can ASK...but if they dont have a pact with Minnesota...well...its completely descretionary...thats why it would matter not only where the crime took place, but in which place the accused was native to. Supposing that Jeremy Stephens was born in Minnesota, but carried out the crime in Iowa then went back to Minnesota...why should Minnesota send one of its citizens to face charges in a different country with different laws?

You Country is in Entrophy on this level...which is why it makes no sense...on some levels the States are as Soverign as Independant States...they have extradition laws, and their crime and punishments are different...yet in other levels you act like State Governments mean nothing..there are no boarder checkpoints, noone cares which State you were born in because your all conglomerately considered "American" when actually thats a missnomer if you regard States as having Soveringnty.

So you can imagine, that for someone like me who lives in a completely Soverign State, and yet one in a Provincial Union so to onscure your State Governments are...Soverign sometimes, Unionized Other times, Able to Extradite from neighbours with whom they have no strict boarder controls with....

Very chaotic...I'm not surprised that Jeremy Stephens just left...what stopped him? Nothing...and if he'd not been a TV star...who knows how many years he could have moved...heck...he could probably go back to Iowa...and they wouldnt know he had come back...because noone follows immigration across state boarders...with the vast amount of land and states your Federal Government own, GOD help them if they ever have homegrown terrorists...they would NEVER find them or stop them...they would have access to ALL of mainland America
That's got to be the worst post I have ever seen on this forum and you have had some whoppers!....You sound like a Communist IMO...........
The States are independent of the Federal Govt....We, the American people have a FREE society. Unlike other countries where you are forced to do as they say and stopped and questioned every time you want to go somewhere, that is NOT freedom by any means.
If you knew anything at all about the United States Constitution, you would know that the American people have the freedom of movement (travel) to other States if they so please. It is illegal to be stopped during your travels for no reason. Check point on State lines is nonsense, sound like the old Soviet Union where they keep their people behind the walls pointing machine guns at them.
If Law Enforcement REALLY wanted him, they would of picked him up a long time ago.
We don't talk bad about your beloved England, so don't do it about the United Stated! If you don't like the laws and rights to citizens of our country, don't come here, stay in England since you love it so much.
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