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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Are you saying this writer referred to Jones as "young" a few months ago? If so, then, it does seem like a double standard. It drove me nuts when everybody kept referring to Jones as a "young kid" like that was the excuse for his DUI, "young and dumb". Jones isn't a "kid" and neither is Stephens.

Jones is 24 years old. He may have accomplished a lot at a young age; he may be a father, but he is still a young man.

This does not excuse what he allegedly did. It is not a reason for it, either. It's just a realization that judgment is sometimes clouded by the seeming indestructibility of youth. It's no accident that according to government statistics, the highest percentage of drunk drivers are the ones from ages 21-24.

Once you start getting a little older and have some time behind you, you realize that for many, youth is a time spent doing stupid things and hoping to survive.
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